Welcome to Edutain

Transform your life with knowledge and new skills. World-class effective online trainings on personal and professional development.

Our trainings include personal productivity, accelerated foreign language acquisition, memory training, reading techniques, personal finance, focus, communication skills, career management, entrepreneurship, creative thinking and positive psychology.

Our team collaborates online from different parts of the globe, using English, Spanish and Portuguese as working languages. We are hiring!

Who we are

Our personal development trainings started in 2007 serving the Brazilian market only in Portuguese language. Seven years later, in 2014, Edutain became a global company serving an international audience in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian languages.

Our trainers are top of mind in the personal and professional development in multiple languages and Edutain is recognised for excellence, integrity and leadership in the delivery of online training for continued education.

What we offer

Our goal is to provide you tools, techniques and strategies for your continued improvement, no matter in which area of your life and what challenges you are facing right now. Your continued improvement.

What we believe

You are capable of achieving your goals and overcoming your challenges. Sometimes, you may need some extra help to improve the efficiency of this process.

We research topics related to productivity, finances, wellbeing, mindfulness, positive psychology, leadership and communication and provide you a combination of online lessons and interactive activities that you can do from your home.

This means we do not take the “sage on the stage” approach to teaching. We believe that the best role we can take is the “guide on the side”. Instead of imposing one-size-fits-all solutions, we invite you to reflect and find the best solutions for your specific situation.